The Cost of Building a Real-World AT-AT

There is a mystery that has been bugging Star Wars fans for quite a while – why aren’t there AT-AT Walkers in real life? Forget about the buts and ifs – the Imperial All Terrain Armoured Transport is simply too awesometo be impractical. So, we set aside the small matter of ‘Why the hell would you do that’ and dived right into the serious topic – how much will it cost, and how can we fund it?

Well, it turns out you will have to rob a casino – or several, in fact. We ran through our list of online casinos for 2021 trying to find how you can get your hands on the lumpy $226.5 Million – turns out you can’t, at least not in one go. Even if you havean amazing streak of luck on the best online slots, you will still have to hit something in the region of 198 jackpots if you want to fund this little endeavour.

Since we can’t think of an alternative fundraiser strategy – we on’t know much about anything but casinos after all – we will try our luck and get back to you if we ever put together the dough necessary to launch a real AT-AT onto the world. Is it worth it? Well, just look at the majestic beauty of their first appearance during The Empire Strikes Back, or the dread that the brand new AT-ACT instilled in our hearts during Rouge One.

Will we be able to do it? There can be only one answer to that:

Never Tell Me the Odds! – Han Solo

The Cost of Building a Real-World AT-AT

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