Best UK Casino Games Online at a Glance


Are you new to playing casino online? Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about? Want to start playing but wouldn’t know where to begin? No problem, you have come to the right place. We know your time is precious, so we put together the most important topics concerning online casino game providers, user safety and much more. Here is what you can find in the following article:

For beginners and professional players alike, William Hill Casino is considered to be the best choice. Only recently, it has been awarded “Operator of the Year” and “Casino Operator of the Year” 2014.

What Are The Options Of Playing Games Online?

The internet has opened a lot of doors in basically all domains and gambling is no different. While land-based casinos can offer only so much in terms of tables and games, online operators will blow your mind with new and extravagant variations of the best online games.

Free Online Games Another great advantage of playing online is the fact that you can try out most of the games for free, which you can never do in a real casino. This is a real treat for beginners, to be able to learn the rules of the games, without having to pay for it. Also, should you decide to try out some new roulette or blackjack strategy, try it in play-money mode first and if it works, only then hit the real-money tables.

Real-Money Casino Games Online Not only can you play games for real money, but the range of the table limits is so much better than in brick and mortar casinos. The low limits are even lower, which makes it easier for beginners to feel the thrill of playing for real-money, without having to reach too deep in their virtual pockets. As far as the highest bets are concerned, again players find themselves holding the advantage. If you’ve ever played in a land-based casino, you should know that there are special private areas and tables where they accept bets that are way over the casino floor’s limit. But when playing UK casino games online, especially on the live tables, the sky’s the limit. William Hill Casino, for example, has a Roulette table maximum of £500,000.

Try Online Games Without Registration I can’t stress enough the freedom that playing online brings us. While playing in real casinos requires an ID check and a long, tedious registration process, some online casinos will even give you the opportunity to try their games not only for free, but also without even having to open an account. However, only play-money games can be played this way, while real-money games require going through a quick and easy registration process.

You Can Also Play on your Mobile Ever since the first mobile app back in 2008, users all over the world now have the chance to play their favourite games on the go. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, you can play the games for free or for real money. There are two options available, depending on the operator and the mobile device that you own. Some online casinos offer downloadable apps, which you can find on their site or in your App Store – iTunes or Google Play. While other devices like Blackberrys and Windows Phones can play games on mobile-responsive websites. For more in-depth information about compatible mobile devices and operating systems, please see our Mobile Casino page.

The Most Played Online Casino Games in the UK

If we were to discuss all the popular games that can be played on the internet, we would spend more time talking about them, than actually playing them. So, let’s first take a look at the most popular games for UK players and some of the most rewarding variations that are available online only.

Casino Slot Machine Games

When it comes to online slots, most UK players prefer games they have played in land based casinos. Of course, Cleopatra is an all-time favourite.

cleopatra slot logoCleopatra Slot Game CleopatraThe Cleopatra slot machine is one of the world’s most popular games, both in land-based and online casinos. With an excellent blend of the classic 5-reel slot action, 20 win lines, free spins, high payouts and bonus rounds, it’s a real contender for the best casino game. Other features of the game include impressive graphics and the exotic voice of Cleopatra herself. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sphinx symbols, when they appear on 2 or more reels, you’ll earn a scatter bonus. Trigger the Cleopatra bonus and you’ll earn 15 free spins with all wins worth 3 times their normal value. Keep an eye out for Cleopatra too, not only will lines completed with the Wild Cleopatra double the award value, but reveal 5 and you’re in for the top reward. You’ll have plenty of fun with this Egyptian inspired IGT slot game. If you haven’t already, try it out now at LeoVegas.

monopoly slot logo Monopoly – Featuring 5 reels, this action packed slot based on the Parker Brothers’ classic board game Monopoly is great fun to play! With up to 9 win lines and bets ranging from 2p a line up to a huge £50 per line this exciting online slot can be tailored to suit all pockets and bankrolls. Mr Monopoly becomes quite animated as you spin your way to some great wins, get 3 bonus symbols and the entertainment goes into overdrive as you get to play the special bonus board. Each dice spin sees you buying up property just like the original board game but instead of costing you money, you gain money! Landing on the free parking square will give you a big points boost and passing go advances the multiplier. It’s a great game and comes highly recommended!

Zuma slot logo Zuma – Zuma is a beautifully designed, classic video slot that will bring you hours of entertainment and fun! It has 5 reels filled with cartoon Aztec type characters and the simple game play makes this a winner with both new players and the more experienced slot lovers. 20 win lines means it is never usually long between payouts and what we love about this game is every win can be gambled in a sub game. Just click the gamble button and you have the option to multiply your win up to a massive x 10! As you can play from as little as 1p per line, you don’t need to have a massive bank roll to experience this great title. You can play Cleopatra, Zuma, Monopoly and many other exciting slots at LeoVegas!

Casino Blackjack Games

Blackjack Games Online

Blackjack Variation Return To Player
Switch 99.87%
Pontoon 99.64%
Classic 99.52%
Double Exposure 99.34%
Superfun 21 98.84%
21 Duel 98.38%

Perhaps at the top of the UK casino games online, Blackjack has become even more famous since the rise of online casinos. Although among most UK players the classic version is still favoured, casinos have seen a huge interest in some more extravagant variations of this game.

Classic BlackjackThe most familiar game of 21, Classic Blackjack still rules the hearts of many UK players. Who knows whether the reason for that is the simplicity of the rules or just because users are used to playing it in land-based casinos. What is interesting is that in spite of all the new variations that are available online, the simplest version of the game still holds the crown. However, for those of you who fancy trying something different, we have chosen to share with you two interesting Blackjack casino game variations that have caught our attention.

Blackjack SwitchHave you ever wished that you could turn two disastrous hands into two promising ones while playing Blackjack? Well, if you have, I have good news for you: now you can, as long as you play Blackjack Switch. For that purpose, you have to play two hands with equal bets. The rules say that you may switch the second cards that you received on both hands. This means that if you have 15 on one hand and 16 on the other, you can turn the two hands into 20 and 11, which are more likely to win than the busting hands 15 and 16. This option dramatically improves your chances of winning, thus lowering the house edge. With an optimal RTP (Return to Player) or profit expectancy of 99.87%, the house edge is merely 0.13%. Considering the fact that the Classic Blackjack game variation has an RTP of 99.52%, it is safe to say that this is the lowest house edge out of the blackjack games. You can play Blackjack Switch now at 888 Casino.

Progressive Blackjack Another really popular variation, Progressive Blackjack brings something new and surely welcome to the table: the chance of winning all or part of a big progressive jackpot. All you need to do is place a special bet every hand – similar to side bets in other games. Any successive Aces dealt as your cards can bring you a piece of the pie, but only four identical ones will hit the jackpot.

Casino Roulette Games

Roulette is not only thought to be the oldest casino game, but also the most popular after slot machine games. Although seen as one of the easiest games to play online, Roulette is actually a much more complex and rewarding game. Depending on the type of variation that you play, you can try several winning strategies and betting patterns.

The European Roulette

Online Roulette Games Play Roulette Now!

By far the most popular Roulette game is the European one. And no wonder, considering the fact that the odds of winning are much higher – the house edge for this game is 2.7%, while in American Roulette the house edge is 5.4%. Certainly, part of the reason for the double house edge is not only the presence of the double zero, but also the La Partage or En Prison rules. With Roulette games that have these rules, in cases where zero is the winning number, the player only loses half of the outside even-money bets. With En Prison, only half of the wagered amount is considered losing, so the player immediately gets half of their money back. En Prison rule states that the wager will be ‘imprisoned’ and left for the next spin, to have another chance of winning. If it does win the second time around, this would mean that the player doesn’t lose anything. Except for the lower house edge, you can also find numerous so-called winning strategies that could, under ideal circumstances, guarantee you profit over the long run. The most popular betting systems only include outside bets.

American Roulette Despite the higher house edge, this Roulette game still has its fans. The reason for the higher edge and the biggest difference between this and the European Roulette is the presence of the 00 and the absence of the La Partage rule.

How is the Security of Casino Games in the UK Guaranteed?

When playing real-money games, security is a priority and that should never change. The security topic also includes operating licences, encrypted banking transactions and user data, as well as the technical security of the IT infrastructure and the RNG (Random Number Generator).

Casino games security and regulations infographic

The different aspects of game security are all linked together, to offer players a safe and fraud-free experience. Also, gambling regulatory bodies don’t stop at issuing operating licences, but also follow strict rules and operators undergo regular inspections, to make sure that they provide a safe environment. Another role is to monitor the RNG, to exclude manipulation of the outcome of the games and ensure random, unpredictable game results. For UK gambling regulations, you can find useful information on the official site.

The security of the internet connection is a broad task which is provided and monitored by several companies. IT specialists handle the detection and prevention of fraud, ensure protection against viruses and malicious programs and provide secure payment processing. Also, encryption is used to protect personal and banking transaction data, which is later kept on protected servers.

The History of Casino Games at a Glance

Gambling has been a part of people’s culture for thousands of years. This chart should give you an overview of the games that can now be played both in land-based casinos and with most online operators.

Overview of the casino games history and development Overview of the casino games history and development

The king of games is, without a doubt, the game of dice. Ever since the Roman Empire, there has not been such a popular and prolific game of chance. It wasn’t until the 12th Century that predecessors of the best casino card games first surfaced in Asia, reaching Europe as late as the 14th Century.

Roulette games were first introduced in the 17th Century and only later the slots appeared, as well, which is perfectly understandable considering the complexity of their mechanisms. The last major development of the computers and the internet led to casino being played with real dealers and mobile casino apps.

So far, our focus has been on the most popular casino games online, such as Roulette, Blackjack and Slots. Now, we will turn your attention to other games that can be played at online casinos, which also have their fair share of fans.

Online casinos offer several different poker games Casino Poker Besides the Texas Hold’em Poker, where users play against each other, there are many variations in which players have to beat the bank – represented by the dealer to win. The dealer’s actions are usually limited and are previously set by the rules of the particular game variation. The most popular poker variations are: Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, Tequila, Red Dog and Pai Gow Poker. Try Casino Poker at Ladbrokes Casino.

Other casino table games Other Table Games Aside from Roulette and Blackjack, there are several different table games offered by operators. Baccarat is considered to be the game of Royals and it is played in several different variations. The three major baccarat games are: Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. However, so far the only variation that can be played with real dealers on the live casino tables is Punto Banco.

Dice casino games online Dice Games Despite the long history of dice games in ancient culture, nowadays they are barely represented with most online operators. The two most popular dice games are Craps and Sic Bo. While craps is really popular among land-based casino players, so far the Asian game Sic Bo has seen little popularity among players.

Popular scratch games in online casinos Scratch Cards This game usually falls under the lottery games category, but given the slightly different kind of entertainment and subject that they offer, I decided to list them separately. The game-play is very simple, but the wide range of topics, themes and jackpots are the real attraction of scratch card games. Among the most popular are: Rocky Scratch, Gladiator and Irish Luck. If you like the kind of scratch-and-win lottery tickets, you should have a blast playing online scratch games at William Hill Casino.

Lotto games variations like bingo and keno Lottery Games Of course, casinos don’t offer actual lotteries like the National one, but similar lottery games like Keno and Bingo are available. These are less known and not so popular, which means that the chances of finding other variations are slim to none existent. However, these games are easy to play and offer entertainment without any need for strategies or skills. Simply pick the winning ticket and fingers crossed for your numbers to come up.

Arcade games online with real money Arcade Games These are some of the most fun games that we used to play, implemented now in the real-money online casino games. Well known representatives of this category are: The Wheel of Fortune, Darts, Bowling, Rock Paper Scissors, Horse Racing, Tetris and many more.