Play Live Casino Hold’em Today

Casino Hold’em is easily one of the most exciting games you can play at an online casino. It is a variation of poker, quite close to the widely popular Texas Hold’em style of play. Even though RNG games are available at most online operators, the true charm of this game can only be revealed by playing it with a live dealer. How would a live dealer enrich the casino hold’em experience, you might ask. Read on and find out!

Many casinos offer live casino hold’em games, and there are many platforms on which you can play this great game. In this article, we will also tell you which operators offer the best in terms of such games, along with exclusive bonuses and other goodies. We will also take a look at the game itself, and give you a few helpful tips on how to play it better.

Best Live Casino Hold’em Software

Live dealer games are all the rage these days, as they offer players the genuine casino atmosphere without them having to leave the comfort of their own home. Plus, technological advances make it possible for the best live casinos to feature games with HD streams, convenient user interface, live chat, and more. When it comes to casino hold’em, there are several companies that have developed live tables for the game. It will come as no surprise that the very best live dealer casino hold’em games are created by the undisputed industry leaders – Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Software Provider Casino Hold’em Tables Betting Limits Recommended Operator
Evolution Gaming 1 £1 – £3000 888 Casino
Playtech 1 £1 – £5 Ladbrokes

Since casino hold’em is not as popular as say blackjack or roulette, both casino operators and game developers don’t include many tables for it. However, the quality more than makes up for the quantity! Live dealer games by Evolution Gaming and Playtech have impeccable streams, fast loading times, and professional dealers. In addition, both developers have created outstanding, user-friendly interfaces that make the games a true joy to play. Of course, there are many customisable options, so you can tailor the games to your taste.

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

There are many traditionalists out there, who will always prefer a land-based casino over an online operator. However, even they cannot deny the benefits of playing casino hold’em online with a live dealer. First of all, there is the convenience of playing any time you like – and when you take mobile casino apps into account, wherever you like. Next, online games usually feature an unlimited number of players, and far bigger table limits that what brick-and-mortar ventures have. And, of course, online casinos tend to offer juicy bonuses for new and current players.

Casino Hold’em Is Best Played with a Live Dealer

When it comes to RNG games versus live dealer ones, there is one undeniable advantage – the latter have real, professional, and attractive dealers that you play with. The luxurious setting adds to the immersion perfectly, and you even get the option to chat with the dealer – much like you would in a real casino. Come to think of it, live dealer casino hold’em games combine all the best features of RNG games and land-based casinos, while adding even more to the formula.

Casino Hold’em – Rules & Features

As we already said, casino hold’em is played similarly to Texas hold’em. After making the Ante wager, each player receives two hole cards, with the dealer getting two cards themselves. Three community cards are also placed on the table, face-up. Players must then decide whether they will Call or Fold. If the latter is chosen, the player gives up his two cards and loses his Ante bet. If the player decides to Call, they must place a bet that is equal two times the Ante bet. The dealer will then place two more community cards, and all hands will be scored according to the highest poker value of the two hole cards and the community cards.

In order to qualify, the dealer must have at least a pair of fours. If this doesn’t happen, then players are paid 1:1 on their Ante bet, and the Call bet will push. If, however, the dealer qualifies and beats a player, the latter will lose both the Ante and Call bets. In case of a draw, both the Ante and Call bets will push.

It is extremely difficult to come up with a working strategy for casino hold’em, because of the trillions of possible combinations, and overall unpredictability of the game. Generally, it is universally better to Call, and only Fold if your hand is extremely low and the chance of a Flush or Straight with the community cards is extremely low.

Exclusive Bonus Offers

888 Casino Offer a Great Welcome Bonus for Casino Hold’em Players

Unfortunately, not many casinos feature welcome bonuses that can be used on live dealer games. Even less commonly seen are bonuses dedicated to casino hold’em players. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. Casinos like 888 and Ladbrokes offer special bonuses for players who enjoy live dealer games, and both their generous welcome bonuses can be used on live casino hold’em. 888’s welcome bonus amounts to a total of £100, and their wagering requirements are among the easiest and most doable out of all others. Ladbrokes’ offer is considerably bigger (£100), but the wagering requirements are a bit more difficult to complete.

Live Casino Hold’em Has a Lot to Offer

To sum it all up – casino hold’em is an awesome game that is best enjoyed at a live dealer table. Only there can you get the full benefits of playing online while immersing yourself in a real casino atmosphere. If you have not yet tried live casino hold’em, we highly recommend you to do so. The overall best casino where you can play it is 888 Casino. With software provided by Evolution Gaming, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience!