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I am not only the owner of this site, but also its webmaster. On the 'About me' page you can find personal information about me, so here I will go into detail on the technical aspects. The information on this site is a result of serious research and compilations. Whenever I needed access to third party sites, I only link to these sites after I have received permission to do so. Also, I allow other webmasters to embed the following banners on their sites. In addition, I would like to give some information on the affiliate programs of the online casinos.

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What is an Affiliate Program and How Does it Work?

Affiliate programs are one of the most widely spread methods of remuneration for referring customers to products or services. This means that if someone advertises for a supplier or product, they would earn money for their efforts. How the commission is calculated depends from one operator to another. Usually, there are two models: the CPA (cost per acquisition) or the Rev-Share (revenue share).

The CPA is a fixed amount which the advertiser would get under certain circumstances. With online casinos, the conditions may include a player's sign-up and deposit up to a certain amount, before the advertiser's site gets the remuneration. The Rev-Share implies that the advertiser will get a percentage of all profits that are generated by the referred player.

I do not earn money for myself from these affiliate programs. They merely help me cover the costs of keeping my site online. Just like YouTube has paid advertisements, but this is no way to make a living. As long as I can cover the costs of the domain and the server, and still have enough to take my wife out to dinner, I am happy.

To give you an idea of how this works, I will explain to you the 888 Casino affiliate program. Here you can get a revenue share of 20% to 40%, depending on how many players you have referred to their site. If you have recruited one player and he plays £100, you will get 20%, which is £20. For less than 20 players a month, you will receive 30%, between 21 and 40 – 35% and over 40 players, you will get 40% of the profit. However, things can go both ways and if a player wins a jackpot, you owe the casino a percentage of their loss.

Some operators, such as Ladbrokes and Winner advertise really high revenue shares, between 70% and 100%. So, it is only natural to ask yourself what is wrong with this picture, right? But in most cases this is only for the first month, when most affiliates are less likely to send players. With Ladbrokes, for the first 3 months you have a revenue share of 70%, 60% and 50%, and after that period advertisers will receive the standard 20% to 45%.

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