22 Bet Casino Terms and Conditions

1. The following Betting Rules pertaining to the bookmaker 22Bet (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) stipulate the manner of accepting bets, paying winnings and resolving disputes, as well as the specific features of certain bets on certain sports. These Rules shall govern any other relations between the bookmaker 22Bet and the customer.
These Rules shall apply to betting on the website and at 22Bet betting facilities.


is a risk-driven agreement for potential winnings entered into between the customer and the bookmaker under the established Rules, where the fulfillment of such agreement is conditioned by an event whose outcome is yet to be determined. Bets are accepted on the conditions offered by the bookmaker.


is the result of the event (events) on which the bet was placed.


is an individual placing a bet with the bookmaker on an outcome.

Bet Cancellation

is an outcome on which the bet is not settled and winnings are not paid. As per the Rules, in the event of “bet cancellation”, an arrangement between the bookmaker and the customer shall be deemed unconcluded and the stake shall be refunded.

Regular Time

is the duration of the match subject to the regulations of the relevant sport, including time added by the referee. Regular time does not include extra time, overtime(s), penalty shootouts, etc.

General Terms and Conditions

2. 22bet2.org is owned and operated by Marikit Holdings Ltd (reg.number HE351206) with a registered office located at Telamonos 20 street, Springfield Court, Block C, Office 303, 3055 Limassol, Cyprus as a Billing Agent and Orakum N.V. as a License Holder (Curacao license No. 8048/JAZ). Users from the USA are prohibited from playing on 22bet2.org.

  1. 22bet.com is operated by TECHSOLUTIONS N.V. (reg. number 144920, whose registered office is Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Boulevard 50, Curaçao The official number and date of issue of the license is 8048/JAZ issued on 16 of November 2018 valid until 28 November 2023. TECHSOLUTIONS N.V. is licensed by the Curacao gaming authority. and having as Billing Agent company TECHSOLUTIONS (CY) GROUP LIMITED (reg.number HE 377018) with a registered office located at Parthenonos 5, Flat 103, 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  2. The Terms and Conditions are governed under the laws of Cyprus.
  3. The bookmaker 22Bet accepts bets on sports and other events worldwide.
  4. Bets may only be placed by individuals who are 18 years of age or the age of majority in their state (if the age of majority is over 18) and agree to the Betting Rules offered by the bookmaker. The customer shall be held liable for violation of this regulation.
  5. The following individuals are not allowed to place bets:
    – individuals who are under 18 years of age at the time of placement;
    – individuals who directly participate in the events being betted on (e.g. sportspeople, coaches, referees, club owners or club management, or other individuals who can influence the outcome of the event), as well as any individuals acting on their behalf;
    – individuals representing other bookmakers;
    – individuals who are prohibited from entering into a contract with a bookmaker subject to the effective legislation.
  6. The bettor shall be held liable for the violation of paragraphs 4, 5 hereof. Should these Rules be violated, the bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets. The bookmaker shall not be liable in relation to the moment when they become aware that the customer falls within any of the aforementioned categories. This means that the bookmaker shall be entitled to take the above measures at any time once they have become aware that the customer is an individual who can be designated as above.
  7. The bookmaker shall be entitled to refuse bets from customers who fail to abide by these Rules. The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet of any type from any customer should they violate social standards of conduct and public order.
  8. The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet from any individual without giving a reason.
  9. All bets shall be settled based on the data provided by the processing center.
  10. Winnings shall be paid to the bettor within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of official publication of the results of the latest event on the bet slip.
  11. Winning bet slips can be paid out within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the event specified on the bet slip.
  12. After receiving returns, the bettor shall check if the winnings are correct. Should the bettor disagree with the winnings, they shall give notice to the bookmaker thereof with their account number, date, time, event, stake, selection, odds, and reasons of disagreement being stated. Any claims regarding winnings may be filed within 10 (ten) days. All bet calculation claims for Cyber-Live games are accepted within 72 hours from the moment of game ending.
  13. A bet placed by the Customer shall be deemed won if all outcomes specified in such bet have been predicted correctly.
  14. Betting terms (odds, handicaps, totals, maximum stake limits, etc.) may be subject to variation after a bet has been made, but this does not affect the terms at the time the bet was placed. Before entering into an arrangement, the customer shall check all changes in the current pre-match markets.
  15. Bets placed on events, the outcome of which was known at the time of placement, shall be settled at odds of 1.
  16. Subject hereto, in the event of any disagreement between the customer (contract party) and the bookmaker on any matter pertaining to the observance and fulfillment of a betting arrangement between the customer (contract party) and the bookmaker, including payouts, outcomes, odds and other material terms of the arrangement, as well as declaring such arrangement unconcluded or void, the parties agree that any disputes shall be settled by serving a complaint to the opposite party (pre-trial procedure).
  17. Under the pre-trial procedure, a party claiming the violation of their rights shall serve a written complaint to the opposite party. Whenever a complaint is served to the bookmaker, it shall be delivered to the bookmaker’s registered office stated in the bookmaker’s constituent documents and supported by the respective statement from the public register of companies. Whenever a complaint is served to the customer (contract party), it shall be delivered to their place of residence (or place of stay).
  18. A complaint shall be served within 10 (ten) days of the day when the party became aware or should have become aware of the violation of their rights. Documents supporting and substantiating such complaint shall be enclosed. In default of sufficient grounds for the complaint, the same shall be returned without examination. All bet calculation claims for Cyber-Live games are accepted within 72 hours from the moment of game ending.
  19. In the case of technical failures and unfinished streams, etc. bets on eSports Live will be refunded only if the event in question does not occur or bets on the event are not settled by the bookmaker.
  20. If an employee makes an error while accepting a bet (obvious misprints on the list of events, inconsistency of odds between offered betting markets and the bet, etc), or a bet is accepted in violation of these Rules, or if there are any other indications that the bet is wrong, the bookmaker reserves the right to declare such bets void. Returns on such bets shall be paid at odds of 1.
  21. In the event of obviously erroneous odds, such bet shall be settled based on the final result at the effective odds applicable to the certain market.
  22. In the event of suspicions in the unsportsmanlike format of matches the company reserves the right to block bets on sport event before final conclusion of an international organization and declare bets as invalid if the fact of an unsportsmanlike game is determined. Payment of these bets is made with odds “1”. The administration is not obliged to present evidence and conclusions to the customers.
  23. Should the receiving party fail to consider a complaint within the established timeframe, a party claiming the violation of their rights shall be entitled to bring action to court, and the proper venue shall be a court in the country of the bookmaker’s registered office.
  24. Should these Rules be amended, customers shall be notified accordingly. Bets accepted after the specified date shall be subject to the amended Rules. Earlier bets shall remain unchanged.
  25. The Customer shall be responsible for keeping their password and account number received at registration confidential. All bets registered with the bookmaker shall be valid. Bet cancellation shall be subject to these Rules. Should the Customer’s login details come into the possession of a third party, the bookmaker should be informed, the Customer should change their username and password and their email password to stronger ones. You must not disclose any cash withdrawal codes or codes for changing your phone number to any third party.
  26. In no event shall the bookmaker 22Bet be held liable to the Customer for any indirect, collateral, or incidental losses or damages (including loss of profit), even though they may have been notified that such losses or damages are likely to occur.
  27. No connection failure while receiving confirmation of a bet shall entail the cancellation of such bet.
  28. Placing a bet acts as proof that the Customer agrees to and accepts these Betting Rules.
  29. Bets shall be settled and winnings shall be determined based only on the results declared by the bookmaker. Any complaints about the results, date, and actual starting time of the event shall be considered together with official documents from the relevant sports federations.
  30. Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
    Effective as of  19.10.2016.
  1. No complaint in connection with or arising from transliteration (or translation) of a team name, player’s surname, or sports venue will be considered by the bookmaker. A tournament title is given for convenience only. No mistake in a tournament title shall result in a stake refund.
  2. Each registered customer may have only one account. Customers may register only one account per family, address, e-mail address, IP address, debit card, e-wallet or electronic payment method. Persons otherwise associated with a customer will not be allowed to register on the website.The bookmaker administration reserves the right to request certain personal details from the customer (passport details, registered place of residence) as well as a video-conference. The user gets the results within 5 working days after video call ends.
  3. An account is blocked after staying inactive for 3 months. To unblock an account please contact Security Service at security@22bet.com
  4. No registered customer may be re-registered as a new customer (under a new name, with a new email address, etc.). Should re-registration (inter alia under a new name), provision of someone else’s documents, or use of invalid or false documents (including documents altered by means of image processing software) be proved, the administration reserves the right to void any bets placed from such an account. If the Customer refuses to undergo verification, the administration reserves the right to void their bets. Further, the administration reserves the right to block such an account (being re-registered) for the period of investigation. The bookmaker administration can make an individual exception upon the Customer’s request.
  5. In exceptional cases, upon the bettor’s request, the bookmaker may alter the account currency. In order for that to be done, the Customer should e-mail their request to security@22bet.com with the subject “CHANGE OF CURRENCY”. A photo of the main page of the Customer’s passport should be attached thereto. For this transaction the bookmaker charges 10% of the amount being converted.
  6. The bookmaker reserves the right to close a betting account immediately and void any bets placed thereon should the bookmaker establish that:
  1. Due to the increasing number of fraudulent actions such as multiple registrations and violations of the betting rules by customers, the bookmaker reserves the right to hold a video conference on Skype in order to verify the Customer’s identity.
  2. Should the bookmaker’s Security Service have any concerns about the bettor’s identity or their personal details (address, debit card, other data), they are entitled to request any documents from the bettor substantiating their identity or other submitted data at the bookmaker’s absolute discretion, as well as to cancel any payments until all such details are verified. Verification may take up to 72 hours from the receipt of documents. If it is proven that the submitted data is false, the bookmaker is entitled to cancel all bets and suspend all transactions for an indefinite period of time and proceed with full verification of the account.  The betting company has the right to request for the documents to be sent by the post. The bookmaker reserves the right to request any documents required for such verification. 
  3. The account holder confirms that any activities on the account are performed by themselves. If the account is managed by a third party, the account holder shall take exclusive responsibility for access to the account.
  4. The bookmaker reserves the right to update these Rules and add new provisions at any time. Such new rules or amendments shall take effect immediately after publication on the website.
  5. What is gambling addiction? Gambling problems are associated with mental health issues such as depression,
    anxiety and suicide. They can affect family relationships, professional and academic progress, and can even lead to bankruptcy and crime.
    Gambling is an entertaining activity rather than a source of income.
    Gambling is a thrilling and amusing pastime. Unfortunately, in some cases, involvement in such activities may cause problems. We take care of our customers and do our best to ensure responsible use of our website without any negative consequences.  We advertise our products and services in a responsible manner and will not target young or susceptible people.
  6. Underage gambling. Our company does not allow minors (individuals under 18 years of age) to be involved in betting. We take every possible precaution to prevent violation of this rule. We guarantee that our advertisements, sponsorship and marketing campaigns do not contain information targeted to minors. 
  7. Gambling addiction prevention. No advertising campaign or promotion misleads users, nor do they distort the nature of the services for potentially susceptible bettors. Customers are informed about the chances of winning as well as the potential risks. Services are provided based on the amount paid and excessive spending is not encouraged.
    Please answer the questions below. If you say ‘yes’ to all questions, you are likely to have a gambling problem: 
  1. It is never too late to admit that you have an addiction and to fight against it. We value our customers and in no event will we facilitate the progression of this illness. 
    Please read the following information which can help you lower the risk of developing gambling addiction: 
  1. 22Bet customers are informed about the odds of winning and of the potential consequences and risks of losing.
    You can request your full bet history. Your withdrawals and deposits can be accessed through the “My Account” section. 
    Our customers have a self-excluding option.
    Please write to customer support for help and also use the Self-restriction option if necessary.
    We provide assistance to players with potential gambling problems which is readily available, systematically provided and logged. We monitor all requests. 
  2. 22Bet offers a self-restricting option which allows you to close your account for a certain period of time: a week, a month, 6 months, a year. Your account will be blocked only after the specific period of time has been clarified in your message.
    We will do our best to prevent you from creating new accounts and block new ones. Your account will be automatically unblocked after the selected time period ends. To have this option enabled please contact us via block@22bet.com.
  3. The following territories are restricted for NetEnt games: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States of America and The United Kingdom.
    In addition to the above games Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix & Motörhead are not permitted in the following countries:
    Australia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.
    Universal Monsters (Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man) and Scarface can only be played in the following countries:
    Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.
  4. If you reside in Kenya or Ethiopia, the tax will be applied to your bets and payout. For more information, please refer to tax authorities of your country.
  5. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete transaction.
  6. Cardholder’s responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in his or her country of domicile.
  7. Participation of minors in offered on this website activities is prohibited

Welcome Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one 100% first deposit bonus per customer
  2. To receive the bonus, customers must deposit a minimum of 1 EUR / 1 USD etc.
  3. Maximum bonus amount is 250 BGN for sports betting and 600 BGN for the casino.
  4. The bonus will be credited to the customer’s account automatically after the first deposit is made, unless the box “I do not want any bonuses” is ticked.
  5. Before making a deposit, the customer must select the bonus account where the bonus will be credited.
  6. Once credited, the bonus cannot be transferred between bonus accounts.
  7. Withdrawal of funds from the customer account will only be possible after the bonus has been redeemed (wagered).
  8. The bonus is deemed to have been wagered only after all the bets for the specified amount have been settled.
  9. If the bonus has been credited to the customer’s casino bonus account, the wagering requirement is 50x the bonus amount.
  10. When wagering a casino bonus, the stake must not exceed 5 EUR/5 USD.
  11. Each type of game offers a different contribution to the bonus wagering requirement: Table games – Baccarat, Blackjack, Hi-Lo – 5% (excluding live dealer games); Video Poker – 5%; Roulette, Poker – 5% (excluding live dealer games); Slots – 100% (excluding the games specified in paragraph 14).
  12. The following games are excluded from the bonus offer: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Forsaken Kingdom, Bikini Party, Tree of Fortune, Wild Orient, Dragon Dance, The Wish Master, Scrooge, Secret of the Stones, Devil’s Delight, Champion of the Track, Robin Hood, Tomb Raider 2 and Castle Builder. Classic slots: Bloodsuckers, Kings of Chicago, Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker, Good Girl-Bad Girl, Safari Sam, At the Copa, After Night Falls, Slots Angels, 7th Heaven, Ned and his Friends, True Illusions, Sin City Nights, Whospunit Plus, The True Sheriff, Sugar Pop Plus, Puppy Love Plus, Simsalabim, Gypsy Rose. All games with live dealers are excluded from the bonus offer.
  13. It is prohibited to postpone any bonus games, including free spins and bonus rounds, to a later time when no more wagering requirements remain and/or to make deposits when free spins or bonus rounds are still available in the game. In such instances, the customer is deemed to have accepted that the winnings obtained will be canceled.
  14. All types of bonuses are disabled for cryptocurrency accounts.
  15. The bonus must be wagered within 7 days.
  16. Once wagered, the remaining bonus funds are transferred to the customer’s Main Account, not exceeding the bonus amount.
  17. All bonuses and winnings will be removed once the bonus expires.
  18. The offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions or special offers.
  19. If the company suspects a customer of misuse of the bonus, foul play and/or participation in strategies that the company in its sole discretion deems to be abusive, 22Bet reserves the right to apply special wagering requirements to such customers, including bonus cancelation, without any explanation.
  20. The bonus may be canceled at any time without prior notice, but only before the bonus amount is wagered or withdrawn. In cases of dispute, the decision of the company is deemed to be final and binding.
  21. The bonus is deemed to have been wagered if the customer’s remaining account balance is less than the minimum stake (in the customer’s account currency), or if the wagering requirement has been met in full.
  22. Withdrawals from the customer account are not available until the wagering requirements have been met.
  23. The bonus will be awarded only after a deposit has been credited to the customer’s account. If the deposit is withdrawn before the bonus has been credited, the company reserves the right to withhold the bonus.
  24. Only one bonus is allowed per customer, per family, per address, per shared computer and shared IP address, and per any account details including e-mail address, bank account details, debit card information and payment system account number. Any misuse of this bonus offer will lead to the cancelation of the bonus and all bonus winnings, or to the closure of the account.
  25. The customer must provide ID documents, when necessary, to validate their identity (KYC). Failure to produce these documents if requested will result in the bonus and any winnings being forfeited. The Company reserves the right to request, at any time, that the customer provides photographic evidence of themselves holding their ID (the customer’s face must be clearly visible in the photo) or undergoes identification via telephone.
  26. 22Bet has the right to freeze funds and close the customer’s account if any fraudulent or money laundering activities are detected.
  27. The offer is only available to customers with one user account.
  28. 22Bet has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse to allow participation at any time without prior notice.