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If you have any questions concerning these terms, then please contact Customer Support at

The terms and conditions set out below comprise the terms and conditions of use of the casino and gaming products (the “Gaming Service”) and the betting service (the “Betting Service”) provided in whatever form on this website (the “Website”) and through whatever delivery mechanism offered. The Betting Service and the Gaming Service shall jointly be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as the “Website Service”.

For the avoidance of doubt, all references to the Website refer to all or any of the following domains:

and any other URLs that may become subject to these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any reference to “terms and conditions” includes the following:

These terms and conditions;

The general betting rules (see Schedule 2 of this Agreement) and all applicable sports rules, available here, as amended and updated from time to time;

The privacy policy (see Privacy Policy); and

All such other of our rules or policies as they relate to the website service including rules for a particular game, promotions, bonuses, special offers or any other aspect of your use of the website service from time to time.

To the extent that there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any of the rules referred to above and any EULA (as defined at Section 9.2), then these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


The Gaming Service and the Betting Service are provided by Genting Casinos UK Limited, a company registered and licensed in England with registered company number 01519689 and registered offices located at Genting Club Star City, Watson Road, Birmingham, B7 5SA. Save where otherwise stated, Genting Casinos UK Limited shall be referred to as “Genting”, “us”, “we” or “our” and you are referred to as “you” or “your”.

Genting Casinos UK Limited is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission licence number 000-000537-R-103205-013 in respect of its Betting and Gaming Services to UK based customers


These Terms and Conditions constitute your agreement with us and apply to the exclusion of any other terms that you seek to impose or incorporate or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.

By accessing any part of this Website, you agree to accept and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions, then please do not open an account with us and navigate away from the Website.

Your use of the Website Service is strictly subject to your continuing observance of these Terms and Conditions and the specific rules pertaining to both the Betting Services and the Gaming Services on the Website.


We reserve the right to revise or amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. You will receive a notification by email. Any such revision or change will be effective immediately on the earlier of (a) its posting on the Website (b) notification to you in the form of a pop up message upon login and (c) notification to you by email or by post. You should check the Website from time to time to review these Terms and Conditions because they are binding on you.

Use by you of any part of this Website at any time following such posting or notification shall constitute your acceptance of such revisions or changes. No customer support operative has, for the avoidance of doubt, the power to amend these Terms and Conditions.


Your account registration is for a single user only and can be used in relation to both the Betting Service and the Gaming Service. You are not permitted to share your username and password with any other person. It is your responsibility to safeguard such security access details from any unauthorised use and we recommend that you change your password on a regular basis. We will not be liable to you for any loss you suffer as a result of any unauthorised use or misuse of your security access details other than as a result of our gross negligence.

You are only permitted to open one account. We reserve the right to close any accounts that we consider to be duplicate accounts and to void any bets made via such duplicate accounts.

You shall fulfil all commitments made on your account in the course of using the Website and be responsible for all communication from your account with us. You agree that if any other person uses the Website through your account, you shall (subject to us taking reasonable precautions against fraud and computer hacking) be bound by such use as if it were your own use, and you shall fully indemnify us in respect of any failure by such third party to fulfil any commitments made by such use.

To access any of your account information or to access the Website Service, you must use your security access details (i.e. your username and password) that you selected when you opened your account with us and/or any supplemental or amended security access details.

You may only make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account for the purposes of using the Website Service and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account in the event that we suspect that you are using your account for other means. We may also be required by law or any relevant authority to report any such activity and to abide by that authority’s directions in relation to the funds in your account.

You are not permitted to (or attempt to) sell, transfer or acquire accounts to or from other persons.


Deposits: You may deposit monies to an account with us by using any of the available payment methods against which you shall be able to use the Website Service.You can have a total of 3 (three) debit cards and not more than one of each of any of the other available payment methods registered against your account at any one time. You can deregister any of your debit cards or other payment methods if you have no outstanding balance in respect of that particular payment method. Deposits from debit cards will display on your statement as “Genting Online”. We reserve the right at all times to limit customer deposits on any given day. You can also limit your own deposits by responding to the prompt on first registration, and thereafter by under the “My Account > Gaming Limits” when logged in.

Withdrawals: Each withdrawal by whatever transfer method must be at least £10 save in the case of a final withdrawal to close an account. There is no set maximum withdrawal amount per day but withdrawal requests for amounts greater than £25,000 or currency equivalent may require additional prior arrangement or verification You can make withdrawals from your account up to your current available balance by debit card, cheque or wire transfer (after taking into account all previous wagers) subject to the following conditions:- Withdrawal by UK issued debit cards: Withdrawals may only be made to the debit card you have registered to your account and deposited funds with. Withdrawal by a non-UK issued Mastercard (including some UK Mastercards): such withdrawals may only be made to a card already registered to your account and must be processed by bank wire transfer. ID confirmation may be required.

In the case of both UK and non-UK issued Mastercards, you cannot withdraw any funds in your account back on to your registered Mastercard and all such withdrawals must be made to your nominated account via another available method.

Withdrawal by wire transfer to UK bank account: We reserve the right to charge a reasonable processing fee for wire transfer withdrawals. A transfer will only be made to an account in your name and such account must not be at a branch located outside the United Kingdom. Where you are requesting a wire transfer for the first time, we will require proof of identity to be provided. This withdrawal option will only be offered in certain circumstances and you may not withdraw funds by this method if we are able to return your withdrawal to your registered debit card.

In the case of Pre-Paid: where a withdrawal option is not available, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable processing fee (which will reflect our actual processing costs) to return funds via bank wire transfer. Maximum withdrawals via any card provider or other payment processing websites may also be subject to limits as stipulated by the relevant payment service provider from time to time.

Maximum withdrawals via any card provider or other payment processing websites may also be subject to limits stipulated by the relevant service provider from time to time. Withdrawals to debit cards will display as “Genting Online”. Save where otherwise stated, withdrawals can be made free of charge.

Security Checks: To maintain a high level of security, we may perform random security checks on your account and keep records of transactions and wagers. In the event of a security check, we may require additional documentation and you agree to fully co-operate with us in respect of such requirements. We reserve the right to terminate and/or suspend your registration and/or account and/or withhold payment to you if we do not receive all such documentation to our entire satisfaction.

This documentation may include additional information as to your identity such as a government issued photographic ID that contains your full name, date of birth and home address. If the ID provided does not show the address, then a copy of a utility bill or bank statement dated within the past 3 months will be required. Furthermore in order to validate your payment details (where we reasonably believe it is necessary and/or required for fraud prevention or AML purposes, or for payment, banking, or account integrity checks) then we may request photographic evidence of your payment card at any time as we reasonably see fit. In these circumstances, you must provide images of the front and back of the card and cover the full card number so that it cannot be viewed.

When this information is required we will endeavour to notify you as soon as is reasonably practicable. Further information as to additional information that may be required in order for us to meet our regulatory obligations can be located in the “Why We Need to Know More” section of our website. Please visit for more information.

You agree that we may use personal information provided by you in order to conduct appropriate security or regulatory checks. Personal information that you provide may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency which may keep a record of that information

Promotional Offers: All promotional campaigns or competitions will be subject to the terms and conditions of those customer offers as well as these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any customer or group of customers at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion.

Change of details: If any of your personal account details or other financial information relevant to your account changes, you must inform us immediately as failure to do so may result in transactions being declined by your financial institution. These changes can be made by accessing the facility ’My Account‘. We will not accept any liability or responsibility for transactions which are declined. Should your debit card be lost, stolen or re-issued, you are required to notify us immediately either by contacting Customer Support at or by removing those cards from the payment methods registered on your account.

Account closure: You can close your account at any time by contacting Customer Support at Subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, when you close your account you will be entitled to the return of all cleared funds in it.

Dormant Accounts: For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, your account will be deemed to be a “Dormant Account” where:-

you have not used your account; or

you have not logged in to your account; or

you have not made any deposits or withdrawals in or from your account;

in each case for a continuous period of 12 months or more.

In such instances, we will endeavour to contact you using the contact details you have provided on registration (or such details as have subsequently been notified by you) to inform you of any funds remaining in your inactive account and to return such balance to you. You are solely responsible for keeping your registration and contact details up to date, and agree that we cannot be liable for any failure on your part to provide us with up to date and correct contact details.

If your account is or becomes Dormant, then your account shall be closed. If we have been unable to return the balance of the funds in your account to you, having made reasonable attempts to do so, the sum total of cash held in your account at the time of closure will be retained by us until you contact us to request return of your funds.

Funds, Interest and charges: The UK Gambling Commission requires that we inform you about the levels of protection we apply to customer funds and the extent to which your funds are protected in the event of our insolvency.

We hold customer funds separate from our company funds in a separate Bank Trust Account. That treatment meets UK Gambling Commission requirements for the Protection of customer funds at its stipulated “basic” protection and segregation of funds level. The implications of our treatment are that your funds would form part of the general assets of our business in the unlikely event of our insolvency and recovery of funds, if any, would be subject to general insolvency law. For more information as to the rating system and the implications of the basic protection employed please see here. Any deposits on your account shall not attract any interest payments. All such deposits will be treated as advanced payment for intended wagering on the Website. We reserve the right to make a charge directly on your account in respect of deposits or withdrawals which we believe have been made for purposes primarily associated with reasons other than gaming on the Website.

If we suspect you have made deposits and/or withdrawals to and from your Genting account in order to obtain goods or services from a third party (such as Air Miles), without a commensurate use of the Website Service, we reserve the right to charge a 5% handling fee, to be deducted from the withdrawal to cover our administration time and all bank charges associated with the relevant deposits. We also reserve the right to withhold payment for up to 28 days in accordance with section 14 below (Right of Refusal).

Credit errors: If you notice that any sum has been incorrectly credited to your account, you must notify us immediately. We shall be entitled to reverse any such credits and/or recover those sums from you if they have been withdrawn. If any sums credited in error have been used by you to place further bets or wagers, we can cancel those subsequent bets or wagers and reverse any winnings. We may at any time set off any amount on deposit in your account against any amounts owed by you to us.


Please refer to the General Betting Rules and Sport Rules, all such other of our rules or policies as they relate to the Website Service (including rules for a particular game, promotions, bonuses, special offers or any other aspect of your use of the website service from time to time) for a full explanation of the rules applying to each constituent part of the Website Service.

Any bet or wagers placed by you is done solely on the exercise of your own judgment and discretion. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, representation or advice from us (including any of our employees) in deciding to place a bet. You also acknowledge that by using the Website Service you may lose money and you accept full responsibility for any such losses. You accept that your participation in the Website Service is at your sole discretion and risk.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information on the Website is correct and that the software is in good working order, we do not accept any liability for errors on any part of the Website or software or any other element of the Website Service including but not limited to bet settlement and we reserve the right to void all bets on any transactions affected by any such error. You undertake to notify us promptly of any error of which you become aware and not to take advantage of it. We reserve the right to recover from you any monies that you may receive as a result of an error together with all costs and expenses incurred in doing so. We shall be entitled to set-off any subsequent amounts you deposit with us to satisfy any such liability.

If there is any disagreement as to the details of a particular bet or wager or amount staked, then our records shall always prevail. You acknowledge that our random number generator will determine the outcome of the games played on the Gaming Service. In the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on your screen and our game server, you hereby agree the result that appears on the game server will prevail. You acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of your participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of your participation.

We reserve the right to refuse or limit the whole or part of any wager for any reason at our discretion. In any event you are not allowed to place a wager greater than the amount in credit in your account. We also reserve the right to set the maximum and minimum stake amounts and these will be updated in the relevant Sport Rules, all such other of our rules or policies as they relate to the Website Service (including rules for a particular game, promotions, bonuses, special offers or any other aspect of your use of the website service from time to time). Minimum and maximum stakes may also be displayed in respect of each relevant market and game on the Website Service. The maximum win in respect of your use of the Betting Service shall be limited to £100,000 in any 24 hour period. The maximum win in respect of the Gaming Service (excluding Crockfords Live and Progressive Slots jackpots) shall be £500,000.

Where a multiple bet has been placed which involves events with different maximum winnings limits then the lowest limit will apply. All maximum winnings limits apply to any one customer, or group of customers acting together, who have placed bets containing the same selections, including where placed in a series of bets, at a range of prices, over a number of days using different betting accounts and/or across different betting channels. Should we have reason to believe that a number of bets have been placed this way, the total payment of all those bets combined will be limited to one single maximum winnings payout.

While we endeavour to ensure that the Website is normally available 24 hours a day, we shall not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our control.

We shall only honour transactions which we have actually received and placed bets shall only be treated as received at the time that our systems actually receive them.



We recognise and understand that from time to time, you may be or become dissatisfied with the gaming service provided to you.

This section explains how to make a complaint and the process that we apply once you have done so. Your legal and statutory rights remain unaffected by our process.

Raising a Complaint

You may raise a complaint with us at any time by contacting our Customer support team via email on You must do so within 6 months of the cause of your complaint having arisen. Complaints received after that time will not be considered.

It generally assists us if you put “complaint” in the subject header of your email and also outline in a reasonable level of detail what your complaint is about. We may also contact you if necessary for further details about your complaint when you lodge it with us, if we require it.


Once we have your complaint we will in all but very rare cases (for example, where the fact of complaint itself isn’t abundantly clear) confirm our receipt of it (by email, phone, or chat) within 24 hours.

“Simple” Complaints

If your complaint is straightforward (for example, an acknowledged system or player balance error on our part or e.g. a simple misunderstanding) and can be resolved quickly and without undue formality, we reserve the right to do so, via our customer service team following receipt of your complaint. In all other circumstances, your complaint will proceed to Stage 1 consideration.

Stage 1

An member of the customer service team will be tasked with investigating your complaint and responding to it. That customer services agent (or other members of our team) may contact you for your input or comment during their initial investigation. You agree that you will engage with us as to your complaint in an open and respectful manner.

Once we have concluded our investigation we shall write to you (or inform you by phone) of our decision as to your complaint. In doing so theywe will outline your complaint and our decision in respect of it as well as any recommendations or actions (if any) arising from it.

We reserve the right to issue a final determination of your complaint at this stage, for example, if we consider your complaint, frivolous, vexatious, without real basis, or that it results in a clear and conclusive answer. Should we do so you may either accept that decision or proceed to ADR (if applicable and on which see (9) below).

Customer Escalation

If you are dissatisfied with our Stage 1 response (and we haven’t told you that it constitutes our final determination of your complaint) you can email us ( to ask for a Stage 2 consideration of your complaint. Note that it would assist us if you could outline why you remain dissatisfied with the Stage 1 decision, albeit this is not obligatory.

Stage 2 Consideration

Where you request escalation of your complaint, your complaint and the stage 1 decision shall be relayed to a customer services manager for further review. That complaint will be investigated and considered as per the Stage 1 process.

Once the responsible manager has concluded their investigation he/she shall write to you (or phone you) to inform you of their decision as to your complaint. In so doing they will outline your complaint and the reason for their decision in respect of it, as well as any recommendations or actions (if any) arising from it. The manager will also confirm that his decision constitutes our final decision as to your complaint and what options are available to you should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome.


We will use all reasonable endeavours to review and conclude our complaints process within 8 weeks of our initial acknowledgement.

The only exceptions to this are/will be:-

Where we await and need your input to properly review your complaint (in which case the deadline for our response shall be extended by a period equivalent to the time it took for you to provide the input needed); or

Where you raise additional complaints during the complaints process, each additional complaint will be treated as received on the date that the specific complaint was raised and the timescale for responding to that particular complaint will run from the date of receipt.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) and other options

If following receipt of our final determination, you remain dissatisfied then:-

Either you (or us) may choose to refer your dispute to our chosen ADR entity, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (“IBAS”) – further information on how to refer your dispute to IBAS and their contact details can be found here; or You may submit your dispute online to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) Service, further details on how to submit can be found here; About ADR

IBAS act as fully independent (UK Gambling Commission approved) adjudicators of gaming disputes between online casinos and their customers. There is no charge to you to make an IBAS referral.

The ADR entities (above) are only presently obliged to consider complaints relating to “gaming transactions”. This would typically include complaints about a wager, administration of your online account, and/or disputes as to gaming funds or winnings but would not include generalized non-gaming complaints e.g. about poor customer service/other.

Neither IBAS (nor any other UK Gambling Commission approved ADR entity) is obliged to adjudicate a dispute if (i) you have not attempted to engage with the first stage of our complaints process; or (ii) your dispute is considered frivolous or vexatious; or (iii) the dispute is subject to another disputes process or adjudication; or (iv) you have not met any notified timescales for submission of your dispute to IBAS.

The online ODR submission process (above) will require that you select a UK Gambling Commission approved, Alternative Dispute Resolution (”ADR”) entity to review your complaint and both parties must approve that choice to progress the ODR process. Typically IBAS will be our proposed ADR Entity, as it is both approved by the UK Gambling Commission and best placed to adjudicate on remote gaming disputes in any event.

Whilst any stage of an investigation is ongoing or thereafter we reserve the right to (and in some instances the law requires that we) withhold payment in respect of any event or complaint that comes under investigation for cheating, impropriety, fraud, collusion, or other improper activity.

When a dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by us, any relevant papers and recordings may be made available to IBAS and the UK Gambling Commission in order to (i) give the adjudicator full details of your complaint; and (ii) to meet our regulatory obligations to furnish full details of your complaint to the regulator.

Where the value of the dispute is less than £10,000, Wwe will honour the findings and recommendations made by any approved ADR entity (and would expect you to do likewise) in the absence of any manifest error or irregularity with that body’s decision or recommendation. Confidence

We expect and require that the fact and content of your complaint will remain confidential between us whilst it is subject to consideration by us (or third party adjudicator). The foregoing does not apply, however, where e.g. law or legal process requires public disclosure and nothing herein affects your legal or statutory rights in that regard.


We take responsible gaming very seriously. If you wish to self-exclude from gambling then you can do so by following our self-exclusion procedure set out here. If you choose to do this, it will be for a minimum of six months before you may apply for reinstatement.

It is also possible to restrict the amount of your Deposits, Bets or Spend on our sites upon placing your first deposit (by pop up window / prompt) and thereafter and at any time by choosing and setting limits in the “my accounts” page of your account with us. Limits can be set over a calendar daily, weekly or monthly period. Additionally a session timer may be also set which will log you out of the session when triggered.

If you do choose to self-exclude or apply limits to your account and correctly notify us, then we agree that we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that we comply with your self-exclusion or relevant limits set by you.

By electing to self-exclude or by applying limits to your account you accept and agree that you will not seek to continue your gaming on our website (or game in excess of your notified limit) or to otherwise circumvent your self-exclusion or limitation and that we shall have no responsibility or liability for any subsequent consequences or losses (howsoever caused) that you may suffer or incur if you commence or continue gambling through your online account(s), including but not limited to instances where you have altered any of your registration details or where you provide misleading, inaccurate or incomplete details or otherwise seek to circumvent your notified self-exclusion or limit.

When self-excluding from our sites it is also possible to exclude yourself from other casino operators who adhere to the “Gamblock” scheme

If you would like to prevent access to other participating gaming, wagering or gambling facilities on the internet please visit Gamblock™ blocks access to internet gambling sites on the web. It can help problem gamblers avoid the dangers of unrestricted gambling. For the avoidance of doubt, however, Genting does not and cannot accept liability in respect of any failure of a (Gamblock subscribing or other) third party to exercise or enforce a self- exclusion via this site.

If you require further information relating to this or our own self-exclusion process, please contact our Customer Support at

On completion of our self-exclusion process, we will close your account and return any outstanding balance to you. Any outstanding bets or wagers that have already been placed shall remain valid and we will forward any winnings to you after the relevant event has been concluded. We will not reopen any self-excluded account but, after the expiry of the exclusion period (6 months minimum) you may contact Customer Support at to open your account. Subsequent to contacting Customer Support, you will be required to verify your request by speaking to one of our customer representatives. No other method of re-activation is possible. At the expiry of your period of self-exclusion you may contact us to make a request to reactivate your account, and, in such circumstances there will be a 24 (twenty four) hour cooling off period before you are able to access the Website Service.

If you have any concerns about the extent to which your use of our Website has ceased to be a fun experience, then please click on either our own social responsibility page – or

for further information.


Unless otherwise stated, the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all material on this Website (including without limitation all copyright, trademarks, designs, text, photographs, videos, images and graphics, and their layout and arrangement, database rights and all other intellectual property rights) relating to the material or content of the Website Service and the Website or other delivery mechanism are owned by us or our licensors. These intellectual property rights are protected by the laws of England and Wales, international treaties and all other applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. If you breach any of the terms of this section 8, your permission to use the Website automatically terminates and you agree that you will delete and destroy any downloaded or printed extracts from the Website.

Any rights not expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions are reserved. The Website Service and their material and content are made available for your personal non-commercial use. Any other use of such items or rights without our prior written consent is not permitted.


When using the Website, it may be necessary for us to provide you with our own software and that provided by third parties (“Software”).

You may be required to enter into an end user licence agreement in respect of such Software (an “EULA”) in order to make use of such Software. The terms upon which you may download and use any such Software will be made available to you at the time of download and must be accepted by you prior to your use of that Software.

Under no circumstances shall you interfere with, copy, modify or reverse engineer any Software provided to you by us and/or any third party or attempt to do so, except as permitted by law. In case of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any EULA, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.


Some of the games available on the Gaming Service operate as peer to peer events (i.e. you are playing against third parties, rather than against the “house”). By playing any such games, you warrant that cannot see or communicate with the persons you are gaming against.

If you suspect that any such third party might be cheating by undertaking one of the following:

colluding with other third parties; or

using unfair external factors or influences including but not limited to any software program that may provide them with an unfair advantage such as those utilising artificial intelligence in order to assist them in the use of the Gaming Service; or

undertaking fraudulent activities to your possible disadvantage and their advantage or vice versa; or

use of multiple accounts,

you should report such activity to our Customer Support at as soon as reasonably practicable. Such practices are not allowed and we will take all reasonable steps to investigate any such complaints and, where possible, prevent them. We shall not, however, be liable for any form of loss sustained by you or others as a result of any of the activities outlined above or any other such unlawful activity of any persons using the Website.

We reserve the right at any time (including after a bet has been determined) to:-

refuse and/or void any bet or part of a bet; and/or

to terminate your account; and/or

withhold the balance of your account; and/or

recover from your account the amount of any affected pay-outs, bonuses or winnings if:

you are found or suspected to be participating (directly or indirectly) in any form of cheating, or collusion or fraudulent practice;

we become aware that you have invalidly requested a charge-back or have denied any of the transactions made on your account;

you have more than one account at any one time; or

you are using unfair external factors or information in a manner which we deem inappropriate; or

you are found to be in breach of any other terms of these Terms and Conditions, including the General Betting Rules and Sports Rules, and all such other of our rules or policies as they relate to the Website Service (including rules for a particular game, promotions, bonuses, special offers or any other aspect of your use of the website service from time to time); you are using our software and/or system in a manner which we deem inappropriate; or we are required to do so by law.

If we become aware or suspect that a transaction is suspicious and involves or may involve any form of cheating, fraudulent, dishonest or criminal activity then we reserve the right to retain the amount of that transaction and any other transaction made by you.

In addition, we reserve the right to retain any funds related to that activity and the balance on the accounts in question. We shall be under no obligation to provide you with any reasons for these actions. If the activity and transactions are cleared of any suspicions all retained funds will be made available to you.

Where we suspect that you are participating in any form of cheating, collusion, fraudulent practice, sports integrity issues or money laundering activities, we reserve the right to report such activity or suspicions to the regulators, the police, relevant authorities (including sports bodies), other online gaming or gambling operators, other online service providers and banks, debit card companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutions including details of your identity and you agree to cooperate fully with us to investigate any such activity.

We reserve the right to void any bets in relation to a sports event and/or fixture where we (in our absolute discretion) believe that the integrity of any such sports event and/or fixture may have been compromised.


You warrant that the information you provide to us to register (and during your use of the Website) is, to the best of your knowledge and belief, accurate and complete, and that any future changes to this information will be provided to us in a timely manner. Your use of the Website and the Website Service is solely at your own risk and you accept that the information contained on the Website may contain bugs, errors or other limitations.

Whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to provide a timely and reliable service, we cannot guarantee that your use of the Website shall be uninterrupted or error-free and we accept no liability in respect of any outages or unexpected downtime.

The material on the Website is provided “as is”, without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, we provide you with the Website on the basis that we exclude (to the fullest extent permitted by law) all representations, warranties, conditions and other terms (including, without limitation, the conditions implied by law of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and the use of reasonable care and skill) which, but for these Terms and Conditions, might have effect in relation to the Website and/or the Website Service.

We shall have no responsibility nor shall we be liable for any damages caused by viruses contained within the Website or any other delivery mechanism.


Your participation in the Website Service is at your own option, discretion and risk.

Our maximum liability to you for any matter arising out of or in connection with your use of the Website Service and/or Website will be limited to the return of the amount of the stake of any disputed bet or wager.

We, any other party (whether or not involved in creating, producing, maintaining or delivering the Website), and any of our group companies and the officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents of any of them, exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that you or a third party may incur including without limitation:- any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential loss or damages whether exemplary or punitive;

any loss of income;

any loss of profits;

any loss of goodwill;

any loss or corruption of data;

any loss of contracts;

any loss of use of money;

any loss or damages arising from or connected in any way to business interruption;

and whether in tort (including without limitation negligence), contract or otherwise in connection with the Website in any way or in connection with the use, inability to use or the results of use of the Website, any websites linked to the Website or the material on such websites, including but not limited to loss or damage due to viruses that may infect your computer equipment, software, data or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing the Website or the downloading of any material by you from the Website or any websites linked to the Website.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we shall not be liable for any loss or liability resulting from, but not limited to: (1) access or feed delays or access interruptions or malfunctions; (2) any inability to use or access the Website Service for any reason; (3) any access or use of your account in a jurisdiction in which such activity may be considered illegal under applicable laws; (4) any error by you due to the input of incorrect information; (5) any system or communication errors relating to the generation of random numbers, bet settlement or other elements of the Website Service; (6) any delay in receiving or accepting a deposit by us or withholding a withdrawal; (7) our decision not to accept a deposit or stake from you; (8) data non-delivery or data mis-delivery; (9) acts of God or any other circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to data transmission systems, telephone or other communications or internet service providers; (10) the unauthorised use of your security access details; (11) damage to goodwill or reputation; and (12) errors, omissions, or misstatements in any and all information provided under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise and we reserve the right to void all bets or wagers on the Website Service arising from such circumstances. Nothing in this clause shall operate to limit or exclude any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

We shall not be in breach of these Terms and Conditions nor shall we be liable for events, circumstances or causes that occur as a result of circumstances beyond our control and which prevent us from performing our obligations to you.

Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude any liability which we may have in respect of fraud or death or personal injury arising from our negligence.


You shall indemnify, and hold us harmless on demand (and keep us so indemnified or held harmless) against any claim brought against us by a third party resulting from or in connection with your use of the Website Service or any part of the Website or any other delivery mechanism in any way and/or arising from your use of our server and in respect of all losses, costs, actions, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses (including legal costs and expenses) or liabilities whatsoever suffered and howsoever incurred by us in consequence of or relating to your non-observance or breach of these Terms and Conditions or from the services provided.


We reserve the right (in our sole discretion) to refuse to register you and/or to suspend and/or terminate your account at any time and/or to refuse to accept any bet or transaction in respect of or in connection with your use of the Website and/or the Website Services. We shall not be obliged to provide you with any reasons for so doing and shall not be liable to you in any way for any loss or damages that may result from any such action.

We reserve the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if there is any malfunction of the Website or if there is any manipulation of the Website Service or our financial system or suspicion or evidence thereof or a breach or suspected breach of any applicable law, regulation or any of these terms and conditions, in each case without providing any reason.

Use of any account otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any other abuse of any account is strictly prohibited.

We reserve the right to withdraw your use of any of the Website and/or the Website Service at any time, subject to fulfilment of any outstanding commitments under these Terms and Conditions. Our decision on all matters referred to in this Section 14 will be final and binding and no further correspondence will be entered into.


Age Restrictions: You acknowledge that underage gambling is an offence, Accordingly in opening an account with us, you warrant to us that you are at least 18 (eighteen) years of age and above the legal age for gambling in the jurisdiction in which you reside when using the Website Service. We reserve the right to void any bets or wagers with minors and also reserve the right to request proof of age documentation from you at any time. If age verification cannot be completed following registration, you will be prevented from depositing funds, claiming any bonus and playing on our website until your identity has been verified. If (when we have verified your age), you are subsequently proven to have been under the legal age for gambling in the jurisdiction in which you reside when using the Website Service (and less than 18 (eighteen) years of age) at the time you registered with us then your account will be closed, all transactions placed whilst you were under the requisite age will be made void and all related funds deposited will be returned save in respect of any winnings which you have accrued at such time which will be forfeited. We shall not be liable to any parent, relation or legal guardian of any such minor in respect of any losses incurred by a minor.

Jurisdictions: We do not accept bets or wagers from any persons located in jurisdictions, where it may be illegal to place bets from, including but not limited to the United States of America. The full list of “Prohibited Jurisdictions” may be found at Schedule 1 of these Terms and Conditions. You should note that the list of Prohibited Jurisdictions may vary depending on whether you are using the Betting Service or the Gaming Service and the relevant jurisdictions may be changed by us from time to time with or without notice. The presentation by us of any betting or gaming propositions or facilities does not constitute an offer or invitation for the use of or subscription to the Betting Service or the Gaming Service in any of the Prohibited Jurisdictions. Accessibility of the Website in any jurisdiction outside of the United Kingdom shall not be construed as a representation or warranty with respect to the legality of use of the Betting Service or the Gaming Service in that jurisdiction and we do not accept any liability for any breach by you of the applicable laws of that jurisdiction. No winnings shall be paid to you in respect of the use of the Website Service whilst you are located in any of the Prohibited Jurisdictions. We reserve the right to terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Website Service if we suspect or know that you have been using them whilst located in any of the Prohibited Jurisdictions.

Other Restrictions: You must not register or seek to register with us or attempt to use the Website Service if you are acting on behalf of someone else or if you are not acting as principal. Furthermore, any attempts to place wagers through any other medium and by any form of communication will not be accepted and we reserve the right to void any wager where we subsequently find that this restriction has been infringed. Our employees and those of our associated companies may not open an account or register on the Websites whether in their own name of on behalf of a fellow employee, friend or relative.

Eligibility: You hereby consent to us to us making all reasonable enquiries of you or any third party to verify your age, identity and place of residence.


These Terms and Conditions are severable. If any term or condition is declared invalid unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, that term or condition will to that extent be severed so that the remaining Terms and Conditions will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.


The Agreement is made exclusively between us and you. You shall not be entitled to assign or transfer this Agreement in any way. We are entitled to assign, transfer, charge or otherwise deal in our rights as we see fit.


You agree that this Agreement, and all further rules and terms referenced within it is the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us regarding your use of the Website and the Website Service. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between us and you, whether established by custom, practice, policy or precedent.


Unless expressly stated, a person who is not a party to this agreement shall not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this agreement.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Notwithstanding the foregoing we retain the right to bring legal proceedings in any jurisdiction where we believe that infringement of our intellectual property rights or breach of these terms and conditions is taking place or originating.



Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Channel Islands, China, Columbia, Cote d’Ivoire, Cook Islands, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt,Estonia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Lao, Libya, Macau, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Marten (Kingdom of the Netherlands), Saba, Sint Eustasius and Bonaire (Dutch territory), Nauru, Northern Mariana Islands, North-Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United States of America, US Virgin Islands, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe or in a jurisdiction where online gambling is not permitted by law or otherwise illegal (as amended by us by time to time to meet legal or regulatory requirements).



The general betting rules set out below must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions (above) and the Sports Rules available here.

To the extent that there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions the Privacy Policy and any of the Sports Rules, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

In these Terms and Conditions, Genting Casinos UK Limited is referred to as “Genting”, “us”, “we” or “our” and you are referred to as “you” or “your”.


We reserve the right to accept or refuse the whole or any part of any proposed bet.

A bet shall be deemed to be void if the required stake is not transmitted in full before the event commences, unless (in our absolute discretion) we accept the bet subject to authorisation.

Bets may not be cancelled or changed once the bet has been placed and acceptance of the bet has been confirmed by us, either in the form of a generated bet receipt or in the open or settled bets section of your account.

It is your responsibility to ensure details of any bets that you place are correct.

All prices are subject to variation and, save where the starting price has been selected by you, the price shall be fixed at the time a bet is placed.

We cannot be held responsible for any typing, human or software error which leads to any errors or omissions in relation to any product or in respect of any publication on the Website of any prices or results other than those intended. We reserve the right to void any bets which have been accepted at an incorrect price.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of any offers, prices or other information displayed on any third-party website including but not limited to price comparison or affiliate websites and we accept no liability in respect of any such errors.

It is your responsibility to understand the betting and gaming terminology used on the Website and the mechanism of any bet types that you select. If you have any queries as to how certain bet types work, please contact Customer Support at before placing any such bet. We cannot accept any responsibility if you place a bet which you do not fully understand.

A number of bets may be treated as being a single bet when a customer places multiple copies of the same bet. When this occurs all bets will be voided apart from the first bet struck. The use of a “banker” selection or selections to circumvent online limits is not permitted.

Where a number of multiple bets, involving identical or very similar selections, are received by different customers within a short timeframe, we reserve the right to void all such bets, even after the bets have been determined.


The maximum amount that can be won by one customer in one twenty-four hour period, regardless of the size of the stake or the number of bets placed, is £100,000 (or its equivalent amount in a currency accepted by us on the Website).


Save in respect of bets placed under ante post terms (see section 5 below), the stake placed on single bets will be returned in circumstances where the subject of the relevant bet has been entirely withdrawn from the relevant event prior to its commencement. In accumulative bets the stake will run on to the remaining selection(s) with a double becoming a single, a treble becoming a double and so on.

Unless a specific reference is made in the individual section that covers the sport, all bets placed on abandoned or postponed events shall be treated as void. However, bets in markets that have already been resolved at the time of abandonment and which could not be altered regardless of future events (such as the identity of the first goal scorer) will be settled in accordance with its outcome.


In the event of a DEAD HEAT the stake money on a selection is divided by the number of runners or competitors involved in the dead heat. The full odds are then paid proportionately to the divided stake, with the remainder of the stake money being treated as a losing stake.


Ante post bets are those placed at prices on:

Horse Racing prior to the final declaration stage;

Sports events prior to the start of an event, with the exception of bets on a match, a single race event or an individual heat/stage;

All special (non-sporting) events.

You agree that ante post bets are accepted on the understanding that you will lose your stake if your selection does not participate. No Tattersalls’ Rule 4 deductions are made from winning bets except when a runner in a horse race is balloted out.

Bets placed after the start of a sports event are not classified by us as ante post. Unless otherwise stated in the Sport Rules for a particular sport, the start of an event is defined as the first time at which any competitive action commences. Stakes will be refunded on competitors/teams who do not participate in the relevant event after the bet is placed, unless they have been eliminated by competition rules. A Tattersalls’ Rule 4 deduction will be applied to winning bets placed after the competitor’s/team’s last competitive action and prior to the market being re-formed.

Stakes will not be refunded on competitors/teams who start an event and then withdraw.

In total tournament/series markets (e.g. winner of the golden boot), individuals named in the team squad will be deemed to have participated whether or not they have taken part in any competitive action.

Ante post each way doubles, trebles etc. are settled win to win, place to place.

Ante post bets are settled at the price and place terms applicable at the time of acceptance.

Place only bets and forecast bets are not accepted at ante post odds. If taken in error, place only bets will be void. Forecast bets will be settled on the computer straight forecast.

The terms of any bespoke bets placed following a written request from an individual customer will be clarified in our written response to the customer prior to the bet being placed.

If a horse race is cancelled, rescheduled to run at another racecourse or run on a different surface (turf to all weather or vice versa) then ante post bets will be deemed to be void.

If a horse race is re-scheduled to run at the same race course then all ante post bets will stand. However if the race reopens or reverts back to a previous forfeit or declaration stage then we will allow any *open ante post bets to be cancelled by mutual consent. *An *open ante post bet is where the selection is a declared runner or quoted in the betting market at the time of postponement. Bets can only be voided by mutual consent prior to the final declaration stage.


Accumulative/multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another. For example: £10 double on Liverpool to win the FA Cup semi-final 3-0 and Liverpool to qualify for the final. The second part of the bet is wholly reliant on the successful outcome of the first stage of the double.

If taken in error the stakes will be equally divided in respect of the contingent elements of the accumulative/multiple bet and shall be separated into individual bets. However, where the related parts of the bet are resolved at different times, unless ‘special double’ or ‘special accumulative’ odds are available, bets will be settled as instructed with the odds for the second or subsequent legs being determined at each individual stage.


It is a condition of your use of the Betting Service that you represent that:

you are not prohibited from entering into the bet by any term of your contract of employment or any rule of a Sports Governing Body, which applies to you.

you are not aware of any circumstance which would make the placing of the bet a breach of a rule on betting applied by a Sports Governing Body. where the bet is placed on the outcome of a race, competition or other event or on the likelihood of anything occurring, you do not know the outcome of the event or have not been involved in any circumstances which might affect its potential outcome.

If we become aware or suspect that any such representation by you is or may be false your stake will be forfeited and we shall not be obliged to pay any winnings which might otherwise have been payable in respect of the relevant placed bet.


Please be aware that any data (such as current scores or elapsed time) that is displayed on the Website or on our text screens is sourced from a ‘live feed’ provided by a third party and may be subject to time delay and/or be inaccurate. If you rely on this data to place bets, you do so entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss (direct or indirect) suffered by you as a result of your reliance on it.


We reserve the right to withhold payment if we become aware or suspect that the prices of a particular event have been manipulated or where a race, event or match has been rigged. Pending the outcome of any investigation and, in our absolute discretion, we reserve the right to declare bets on any such race, event or match as void.


Bets may be placed up to the scheduled start time of the event or a pre-determined time, whichever is the earlier. Any bet inadvertently accepted after the betting has closed or where the event was resolved or at a stage where the customer could have any indication of the outcome will be settled at the correct price at the time the bet was placed.

Bets placed after the final event result is known will be voided.

Should there be a dispute over the start time of an event/market where an official starting time is not given by that sport’s governing body, then the time that we determine the event to have started and the time at which the bet was placed according to our transactional logs (if recorded) will be conclusive evidence in the settlement or non-settlement of all bets in respect of that event/market.


Responsible Gaming

The Genting Casino experience has been created for your enjoyment. As a responsible and regulated company we have created some advice on responsible gaming which we recommend you read.


For players who enjoy gambling frequently, it is not uncommon to overspend your budget some of the time.

We advise that specific budget plans be made to ensure your gambling expenditure is affordable.



Sometimes people deny the extent of their own problems and seek help only in crisis.

Ask yourself honestly whether you have a problem and if you think you might have a problem, set yourself the goal of stopping gambling for two weeks or a month as a test. If you are unable to achieve this, you could have a problem and might benefit from discussing your situation with a counsellor.

Genting actively supports the charities “Remote Gambling Trust” (RGT) and “Remote Gambling Association” (RGA) who will assist you, should you need it their details can be found here, and

If you would like to prevent access to other participating gaming, wagering or gambling facilities on the internet please visit

Gamblock™ blocks access to participating internet gambling sites on the web. It can help problem gamblers avoid some of the dangers of unrestricted gambling.

For the avoidance of doubt, however, Genting does not and cannot accept liability in respect of any failure of an (Gamblock subscribing or other) third party to exercise or enforce a self-exclusion via this site.

Limiting Your Personal Expenditure Genting provides help to control your gambling. You can establish limits on the amount you deposit during registration or at any time later, bet and lose by accessing the gaming info tab in the “My Account” section of your online account.

Managing The Length Of Time You Play It is sometimes easy to lose track of time whilst gambling, so Genting gives you the option to set a timed reminder which alerts you to how long you have played for. You must click ‘OK’ to continue playing.


If you believe you have a gambling problem or just wish to take an enforced break from gaming please let us know

Self-exclusions are for a minimum of six months and can be requested by contacting our customer services team by clicking the Live Chat button on the right of this page or emailing providing your email address, postal address and telephone number.

If you have any concerns about the extent to which your use of our Website has ceased to be a fun experience, then please click on either our own social responsibility page – or

for further information.

We also offer facilities to allow you to limit your length of play and deposit levels within our casino which. You will be asked to confirm whether you would like to limit your play before placing your first deposit. Else you can request this by contacting customer services

When self-excluding from any game play, it is possible to exclude yourself from other casino operators who adhere to the “Gamblock” scheme.

If you require further information relating to this our self-exclusion process, please contact our Customer Support at


Preventing Underage Gambling

You must be at least 18 years old, or of legal age to gamble in the country in which you reside (whichever is older), to play in the Genting Casino. Our casino is not designed to attract children and we aggressively discourage and track minors who attempt to play at our casino. Unfortunately, no system is foolproof. Some young people may escape our detection. If you know of any persons who are under the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction who are registered with Genting Casino, please notify us immediately.

Game Rules

To help you understand the rules relating to the games offered at Genting Casino launch the casino software and view them in the help section.

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