Blackjack Peek Free Play and Review

When it comes to straightforward blackjack games that stick to the established formula, Blackjack Peek comes out as one of the very best of the bunch. If you would like to give it a try, below, you can find a free-to-play demo of Blackjack Peek and a review of its rules and features. Enjoy!

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Game Overview & Key Features

Blackjack Peek doesn’t deviate from the standard game format, based on the Las Vegas Strip rules. The game uses six decks that are shuffled each turn, and players can bet on up to five independent hands at once. Available actions include doubling down, splitting, and insurance, and there is an added 10-Card Charlie rule. This means that if you manage to draw 10 consecutive cards without busting, you automatically win. The game gets its name from the Peek rule – if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace or a 10-valued card, they will automatically check for blackjack. If they indeed have it, the round will end, with all players who do not have a blackjack losing.

Blackjack Peek by Playtech
RTP: 99.42%
Developer: Playtech
Decks: 6
Side Bets: No
Multi-Hand: Yes
Minimum Bet: £1
Maximum Bet: £300

Being a bare-bones game, Blackjack Peek has a high inherent return-to-player percentage. In fact, it clocks at 99.42%, which is a bit lower than what one would expect. This is because of the added Peek rule, which slightly increases the casino advantage. However, this is nothing to be worried about – the game still offers plenty of opportunities for winning, and if played with a good strategy will surely earn you quite a bit of cash.

Blackjack Peek Will Definitely Get You Hooked

To sum it all up – Blackjack Peek will appeal to all fans of the genre because it is a classic blackjack game that looks and plays exactly as it should. It also features outstanding graphics and interface, as is expected from the industry leaders Playtech. We highly recommend giving this game a try with real money at one of our featured casinos. Good luck!

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